An Innovative Salesforce Consulting Company

Tirnav Solution is an innovative Salesforce Consulting Partner based out of Mumbai, India. The company has end-to-end capability for complete Salesforce consulting, implementation, customization, integration, migration, maintenance and support.

Tirnav provides consulting and development services at every step of the digital transformation to help companies reach their business goals. Consulting includes feasibility of Salesforce solution and readiness assessment, identification of most suitable Salesforce product for the business, Business process re-engineering, consulting on feature customization, migration strategy etc. and these services also relate to understanding your business processes and plan the use of Salesforce functionality to address them so as to even improve the existing processes. Our leadership gets involved with the discovery and assists the project team in building the rollout plan.

We follow a process-oriented approach where we define and detail business processes, process transactions, and process activities in a proprietary model that we have customized from standard models. This model has evolved over time.


Salesforce Consulting And Implementation

Tirnav Solutions provides Salesforce implementation services to help businesses in their digital transformation. From strategic roadmap and package evaluation to set-up, configuration and customization. Our team of Salesforce Implementation Consultants takes a holistic approach and is equipped with certified and experienced resources to deliver best-fit Salesforce solutions and will ensure streamlined business processes, identification of Salesforce features that can be used and many more that almost instantaneously reflect positively of your ROI.Our goal is to eliminate the complexities, remove bottlenecks, provide a cost-effective service and quickly minimise risks in implementing your Salesforce solution.

We understand that every business is different. And this is why our Salesforce Implementation Consultants will collaborate with you through the Initial Stage of the Implementation then evaluate and assess your existing business processes, practices and technology systems.

  • Feasibility analysis and readiness assessment
  • Business process mapping and requirements gathering

  • Identification of most suitable Salesforce product for the business

  • Business process re-engineering

  • Setup, configuration, implementation

  • Guidance for adoption strategy

FORCE.COM APP DEVELOPMENT’s PaaS product is known as the platform. With, you can build enterprise applications with world-class value, which are highly scalable and have extremely secure architecture. Tirnav can leverage the fast-paced application development of this platform and help reduce your TCO of applications and time-to-market while maintaining low costs.

We build highly efficient, scalable, flexible, and accessible solutions that integrate into the main application and are hosted on the infrastructure. This enables the developers to focus their time and energy on the specific business requirements instead of working on infrastructure components. We can extend your core CRM, and build custom applications for your enterprise within the cloud and be able to manage it from anywhere.

  • Custom mobile applications

  • API Based Integration

  • Automating the flow of everyday business and so much more

Salesforce Consulting

VisualForce Development

VisualForce enables our developers to create a custom user interface for your Salesforce application. Interfaces can be designed which carry the look and feel of your native application or have a completely customized appearance.

Apex Code Development

From triggers and controllers to workflow, formulas, and complex calculations, we can use Apex code to build the business logic necessary to automate your most complex business processes.

Salesforce Sites

We can build and develop websites that run natively on the platform, allowing you to publish public or private data tied directly to your Salesforce Organization.

Salesforce Portals

Let us help you leverage the Salesforce portal technology to design and build a solution for your customers and partners that seamlessly integrates to your existing web presence.


Salesforce maintenance and support services by Tirnav are designed to support Salesforce implementations. That includes implemented systems Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud , applications and related integrations. We have a team of certified and experienced Salesforce consultants, administrators, developers and testers to support.


  • We provide SLA based L2 and L3 level support services.

  • We follow ITIL framework in our support models.

  • Our support engineers can provide 24*7 support services to ensure availability of the system.

The Scope Of Our Salesforce Support Offering

We take over the entire development and administration support of your Salesforce solution or handle certain support functions, according to your needs.

Administration support


Daily administration. We configure a Salesforce solution on users’ request, e.g., set up workflows, configure custom reports, and instll apps to ensure the continuity of Salesforce-supported business operations.


Data administration. We upload data in a Salesforce solution, cleanse data, set up duplicate and validation rules, etc.


24/7 System monitoring. We quickly identify and fix errors in Salesforce performance, which helps to prevent critical performance issues.


Monthly health checks. We check a Salesforce solution for inefficiencies and spot which features/processes require optimization.

Development support


User help desk. We support a Salesforce solution’s users from answering questions about issues, like system unavailability to issues affecting many users.


System evolution. We implement enhancements, including substantial ones, to a Salesforce solution according to change requests and modify default functionality quickly and with no impact to current business operations in Salesforce.


Troubleshooting. We promptly react to complex performance/security/other Salesforce issues, which need to be fixed on the code level